Zuetel & Associates has over thirty years of combined experience and comprehensive practice devoted to advising physicians in various areas of practice management and representing them and related healthcare professionals in a wide range of matters including:

Physician Malpractice:

We enjoy a strong reputation for our multi-decade representation of physicians and healthcare providers in medical malpractice litigation in both the trial court and arbitration forums. We have tried to award (verdict) well over 150 malpractice arbitrations, as well as numerous cases in the trial court. Our superior knowledge of all types of medical issues, as well as our access to expert witnesses with excellent credentials and experience, has allowed us to achieve superior results for our clients.

Physician Representation:

Our clientele include numerous physicians and medical practices specializing in various aspects of patient care. These physicians frequently need prompt and confidential input and counseling regarding various patient/medical practice related problems they encounter, and regularly count on Zuetel & Associates for that input and counseling.

California Medical Board Investigations and Proceedings:

If the Medical Board calls, you need attorneys you can trust to protect your practice and your reputation (See Bibliography: "What To Do When The Medical Board Calls"). In our experience, the ability to achieve a favorable result often depends on whether the physician received quality attorney representation from the inception of a Medical Board investigation. We have over 45 years of combined experience representing physicians before the California Medical Board in licensing and disciplinary matters, and can advise you regarding your initial response to the Medical Board, as well as prepare you for an investigator interview. Should an accusation proceed to an administrative hearing, we will defend you at that hearing to ensure that you are zealously represented within the bounds of the law -- with optimum results being our uncompromising goal.

Hospital Privileges:

We understand the toll it can take on a physician when hospital/staff privileges are at stake. We have the knowledge and experience to navigate you through the credentialing and review process, and to successfully represent you before a hospital administration, ensuring that your career is not jeopardized.