• We are trial attorneys who have devoted our careers to effectively defending our business, corporate and healthcare clients.

  • Our Pasadena, California based firm has over 45 years of combined experience in all areas of arbitration.

  • We have tried to award (verdict) over 150 binding arbitrations, served as arbitrators in well over 300 cases, and were counsel in several ground-breaking cases before the California Supreme Court dealing with arbitration.

  • We are responsible for the enactment of California laws regulating arbitration, and have taught many hundreds of attorneys (and published numerous articles) on maximizing the benefits of arbitration.

  • We have expertise in virtually all areas of healthcare and business litigation, employment and labor disputes, contract claims, buy-sell agreements, and various other disputes subject to binding arbitration.

  • Our experience has provided us a unique information base which has allowed us to obtain the very best results for our clients, at competitive rates.