The law firm of Zuetel & Associates is one of the oldest in Pasadena, California and traces its genesis to the year 1928 and Mr. Leon Delbridge - one of the outstanding trial attorneys of his day. Mr. Delbridge was responsible for drafting what many believe to be the first managed health care arbitration agreement in the State of California. That agreement, on behalf of the Ross-Loos Medical Group, was ultimately affirmed by the California Supreme Court in the landmark case of Doyle v. Giuliucci. Since then, the firm has been responsible for other groundbreaking decisions before the Supreme Court, including the 1999 case of Broughton v. CIGNA HealthCare. In that case, the Supreme Court not only upheld the right of healthcare providers to seek arbitration of plaintiffs' medical malpractice claims, but also broadly interpreted and expanded the subject medical malpractice arbitration agreement to encompass statutory violations, including violations of the California Consumers Legal Remedies Act (Civil Code 1750, et seq.). Most recently, the firm was honored to serve as amicus curiae "friend of the court" before the Supreme Court in the 2007 case of Reigelsperger v. Siller. That decision unanimously reaffirmed the viability and importance of medical malpractice arbitration agreements as a preferred method of dispute resolution under California law.

Zuetel & Associates maintains a successful, boutique practice specializing in business litigation, physician representation, healthcare law, arbitration, and insurance litigation at both the trial and appelate levels. The firm is AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell and is also featured in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers as one of California's leading firms in the field of civil trial practice. Past members of the firm include several presidents of the Pasadena Bar Association, and a Superior Court Judge. Zuetel & Associates have tried over 150 jury trials, court trials and binding arbitrations, and have served as arbitrators in over 300 business, medical malpractice and various other cases. They have also been responsible for the enactment of California statutes dealing with arbitration, and testified before and assisted the California and Nevada State Legislatures on a variety of legal issues. Their unique experience has lead to the outstanding results they have achieved on behalf of their business, corporate, and healthcare clientele over the years, which have included the CIGNA Companies (including CIGNA Property and Casualty), Farmers Insurance Exchange, Connecticut General Life Insurance Co., and Premier Physicians Insurance Company, to name a few.